The education of a nation's population is the foundation for its improvement and growth in the international community. Educational buildings are the cornerstone of this foundation and they consume a large portion of a nation's non-industrial energy needs. In this international project energy efficient retrofit measures for existing educational buildings are being analysed. The gathered know-how gained in exemplary retrofit projects in the participating countries. Additionally a software tool (the Energy Concept Adviser) is developed that gives advice on energy-efficient retrofit measures to decision makers in administrations.

Project goals:
  • To provide tools and guidelines for decision makers and designers to improve the learning and teaching environment of educational facilities through energy- efficient retrofitting.
  • To support the decision makers in evaluating the efficiency and acceptance of available concepts.
  • To give recommendations on how to operate the retrofitted buildings.
  • To promote energy- and cost-efficient retrofit measures.
    Project Result:
    Energy Concept Adviser
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    Subtask A: Selection and Analysis of Existing Information
    Subtask B: Case Studies
    Subtask C: Software Development and Analysis Methods