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Chemical Engineering Building, N.T.U.A., Athens
Address Chemical Engineering Building
NTUA (National Technical University)
Athens, Greece
Year of construction 1985
Year of renovation 2002
Total floor area 30000 m²
Number of students 12000
Number of classrooms 30
Typical classroom 60 m²
10 m² window area
40 students

The retrofitting project of the Chemical Engineering building at NTUA aims at reducing energy consumption and increasing thermal and lighting comfort for the users, while allocating part of the common spaces to other uses for which adequate shelter is needed.

Retrofit features:
  • Integrated PV/passive solar system (southern façades, attached sunspace, covered atrium).
  • Building Envelope improvements (insulation, double glazing, reduction of infiltration).
  • Passive Solar Systems (External shading, daylighting components).
  • HVAC systems (improved controls and insulation, reduced hot water temperature, fuel substitution).
  • Ventilation (Natural ventilation, ceiling fans, solar chimneys, ground cooling, evaporative coolers).
  • Artificial lighting (indoor illumination levels, improved efficiency and control of indoor and outdoor    lighting).
  • Other environmental design elements (other energy sources, microclimate improvement).

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