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Egebjerg School, Ballerup
Address Egebjerg School
2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Year of construction 1973-1981
Year of renovation 1997-1998
Total floor area 17825 m²,
renovated area: 1714 m²
Number of pupils 250
Number of classrooms 12
Typical classroom 61 m²
25 pupils

The object of the Danish MEDUCA project was the refurbishment of a school built in the seventies in the Municipality of Ballerup. The overall aim of the project was to demonstrate that an energy efficient and ecological refurbishment of a common school of the seventies, could be carried through to obtain a healthy indoor climate at a reasonable cost. Modern building technology, heating and ventilation technology were combined with carefully chosen materials, natural ventilation and active solar heating. The project concerned a selected part of the school, C2 & C1, containing classrooms, connecting corridors and two double height common area rooms. The project was completed in 1998.

Retrofit features:
The architect of Ballerup Municipality worked in close co-operation with the HVAC engineers of Cenergia Energy Consultants and the electrical and construction engineers.
The design concept focussed on replacing the existing mechanical ventilation system with a natural ventilation system and reducing heat losses through reduced U-values in roofs, façades and windows.
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