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Enghøjskolen, Hvidovre
Address Enghøjskolen
Hvidovre, Denmark
Year of construction 1974
Year of renovation 1997-1999
Total floor area 10000 m²
Number of pupils 500
Number of classrooms 16
Typical classroom 69 m²
28 pupils

The purpose of the project was to document the effect of the school renovation for Enghøjskolen, Hvidovre, Denmark. Low emission surfaces were introduced and mechanical ventilation was replaced by increased volume in classrooms as well as natural ventilation through windows, providing increased user-control.

Retrofit features:
Worn-out installations and structures in Enghøjskolen, situated just outside Copenhagen, made it necessary to carry out a comprehensive renovation.
Façades, roofs, windows and all materials for inner surfaces were replaced.
Furthermore the old mechanical ventilation system was removed and replaced by hinged windows.
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