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University of Ioannina
Address School of Philosophy Building
University of Ioannina Campus
Ioannina, Greece
Year of construction 1987
Year of renovation 1993
Total floor area 4100 m² (retrofitted part)
Number of students 1600
Number of classrooms 60
Typical classroom 120 m

The aim of this project has been to show that a combination of passive solar energy collection and storage systems can cover most year-round heating and cooling problems of this University building, while presenting quite attractive prospects of low maintenance cost, durability and simplicity of operation. These advantages, combined with the high livability of covered courtyard spaces in the winter, should render this system quite appropriate to a Higher Education setting in this part of the country.

Retrofit features:
The solar system is composed of:
a) a centrally located, covered atrium, formed by a solar roof specially designed to meet both heating and cooling needs of the building around it, and
b) a low temperature, long-term heat storage system, using earth as the storage medium and comprising an array of 27 cm diameter PVC pipes placed at a depth of 1.5 m under the atrium ground surface.
The covered atrium has a surface area of approximately 900 m and an average height of 13 m, while each underground heat storage pipe has a length of 40 m.
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