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Paul-Robeson-School, Leipzig
Address Paul-Robeson-School
Jungmannstr. 5
04159 Leipzig, Germany
Year of construction 1974
Year of renovation 1991-1993
Total floor area 4100 m²
Number of pupils  
Number of classrooms 18 + 6 practical rooms
Typical classroom 54 m

The Paul-Robeson-School represents one type of the so-called "typical schools" built with a modular concept (Plattenbauweise) in the former German Democratic Republic from the 1960's until the middle of the 80's. From 1991 - 1993 this building has been retrofitted as a representative example for this type of school, in order to show the energy saving potentials. One of the main retrofit features was the use and assessment of transparent insulation in comparison to the use of standard insulation material.

Retrofit features:
  • Transparent insulation.
  • Insulation of walls, roof and cellar ceiling, low-E-coated windows.
  • Sun-shading in front of the transparent insulation and the south-oriented windows (after over-heating in
       the first season).
  • New heating control system, individual room control.
  • Ventilation slots in the window frames and supplying fans.

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    Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics