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Lundholm Gymnasium, University of New Hampshire
Address Lundholm Gymnasium
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
United States of America
Year of construction 1930
Year of renovation 2001
Total floor area 836 m²

The project was to improve the light levels on the basketball court of the University of New Hampshire to current IES Standards for intercollegiate athletic events. The project was to improve the control on the lighting of the area to support the needs for both public and intercollegiate use.

Retrofit features:
Upgrade the lighting system over the main court area with T-5 lamps and new 3-Tube fixtures. Computerized lighting controls provided by the current building automated system (BAS). The BAS control allows for three light levels on the main court area, low (1 tube per fixture), medium (2 tubes per fixtures) and high (all tubes). The low level will be used for general-purpose use of the area and the high level will be used for games and athletic team practices. The BAS will allow for accurate data logging of hours used for all sets of lamps in the fixtures, thus allowing for a cost effective group lamp replacement program at 70 percent of rated lamp life.
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