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School Stuttgart-Plieningen (MOSES)
Address Grund- und Hauptschule Plieningen
Paracelsusstr. 44
70599 Stuttgart, Germany
Year of construction 1936/1957/1970
Year of renovation 1996-1997
Total floor area 5260 m²
Number of pupils  
Number of classrooms 25 + 3 technical rooms
Typical classroom 60 m
20 25 pupils

In the EROS Project the potential for the energy efficient retrofit of a typical school building in West Germany was demonstrated. The renewal of the space heating system was combined with improved insulation to yield synergetic effect. The project aimed to minimise future energy consumption and optimise the cost effectiveness of the retrofit.Thus, both operating costs and emissions were reduced. The goal was to improve the thermal insulation at least to the standard of the 1995 German regulations on thermal insulation for new buildings.

Retrofit features:
  • Composite thermal insulation system, internal insulation.
  • Low-E-coated glazings.
  • Roof insulation with styrofoam done by teachers and students themselves.
  • Replacement of the lighting system, daylight dependent artificial lighting control.
  • New gas boilers (condensing/low temperature boilers), new radiators.

  •   total report as pdf-download in English  

    Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics