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Wrockwardine Wood Junior School / Lord Silkin Secondary School, Telford
Address 1. Wrockwardine Wood Junior
School, Church Road
Telford TF2 7HG
2. Lord Silkin Secondary School
The District Centre, Stirchley
Telford TF3 1FA,
United Kingdom
Year of construction 2002/2003
Total floor area 312 m² (156 m² at each site)
Number of pupils 60 (30 at each site)
Number of classrooms 2 (1 at each site)
Typical classroom 67,6 m² (exc. conservatory)
30 pupils

The aim of the project was to provide a high quality, flexible and sustainable teaching and learning environment with ubiquitous ICT system infrastructure and the potential for features of the building to be used to demonstrate sustainability principles and techniques. Two classrooms have been built in Telford incorporating environmentally friendly materials and embedded sustainable energy technology. Off-site (pre-fabricated) construction techniques were used to demonstrate that these can provide interesting, attractive designs in keeping with their surroundings.

Retrofit features:
They are new detached buildings made up of four 'Yorkon' prefabricated modules with conservatory areas and external decking on the southern side. They include maximum use of active and passive solar energy. It is planned to use them for visits from other schools and teacher training as well as for the host schools and evening community use in order to bring sustainability and monitoring performance into the curriculum and to give maximum access across the community to the interconnected environment/network world.
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