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Secondary School, Swarzedz
Address Zespol Szkol Zawodowych
ul. Podgorna 12
62-020 Swarzedz, Poland
Year of construction 1954
Year of renovation 1999
Total floor area 1861 m² + 594 mē gym hall
Number of pupils 1570 + 70 (staff and teachers)
Number of classrooms 15
Typical classroom 38,7 mē
6,8 mē window area
30 - 35 pupils

The school was built in 1954 as a lodging-house for the work-people of the local joinery factory. In 1992 the hotel was bought by the local administration and converted into the secondary school. At the same time the gym hall was built together with the one-storied coupler.In 1999 - 2000 the building has been retrofitted as a representative example for this type of school, in order to show the energy saving potentials.

Retrofit features:
  • Insulation: insulation of walls, roofs and floors with 5/8/12 cm foamed polystyrene.
  • Heat source: new modern gas boiler with automatic weather control system, membrane equalizer,    FDC pumps, pipe system adjusting (pressure control).
  • Heating system: copper pipes and steel panel radiators, thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Windows and doors: new windows U=1.3 W/mēK and doors U=2.6 W/mēK.
  • Lighting system: new lighting system with Osram's 5200 lm Lumilux deluxe 58 W, 830 lamps with    new fittings.

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