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George Tomlinson School, Bolton
Address George Tomlinson School
Springfield Road
Kearsley, Bolton
Lancashire BL4 8HY
United Kingdom
Year of construction 1955 (extended in 1960s)
Year of renovation 1994 - 1998
Total floor area 6200 m²
Number of pupils 613
Number of classrooms 32

The school is a 'small' secondary school taking children from 11 to 16 years of age. The current capacity is 613 pupils. The school became self governing in 1993 and has undertaken extensive remedial and refurbishment work since then, including a new water boiler, new heating systems, new roof insulation, more efficient kitchen equipment and removal of buildings which were surplus to requirements. Some of the work has resulted in improved energy efficiency and this is considered further below.

Retrofit features:
The backlog of repairs at the school shown above is not unusual. Local authorities have been short of funds and have only been able to 'make do and mend' to keep buildings operational.Work has been done since 1993 to address these defects but work still remains to be done.A number of building contacts have been undertaken since 1993. These have been specified around the defects identified above but there have been energy saving elements within the work.
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