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Library Building of the University of Bremen
Address Staat- und Universitäts-
bibliothek Bremen
28334 Bremen, Germany
Year of construction 1974
Year of renovation 2001 - 2003
Total floor area 28124 m²
Number of students
using the library
26000 + staff of 1900

The building has deep plan floor spaces and is fully air conditioned. The primary energy consumption of 820 kWh/m²a was very high. The university is supplied with district heating from a waste incineration plant. Because new consumers have been connected to the grid the maximum capacity of the plant has been reached. Therefore it was decided to retrofit the u niversity library, one of the main consumers of energy on the campus. The main goals of retrofitting were to reduce the energy consumption by more than 50% and to improve indoor climate and user acceptance.

Retrofit features:
The retrofit includes measures to the building envelope as well as the internal systems. Originally heating and cooling was provided exclusively by supply air. The new HVAC system separates the heating and cooling. The air change rate varies according to the requirements of indoor air quality. Perimeter offices have been equipped with operable windows to allow natural ventilation. All façades have been equipped with new glazing. New repositioned luminaires have been installed in the library. Daylight responsive controls have been installed in daylit zones.
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