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Retrofit of an Industrial Building as University Building, Rome
Address Mattatoio, University Building
Rome, Italy
Year of construction 1888 - 1891
Year of renovation 2000 (Phase 1)
Total floor area 1200 m²
Number of students 500
Number of classrooms 3 lecture rooms + 2 auditoria
Typical classroom 320 m²
74 m² window area
80 students

The aim of this study is the implementation of projects for conserving and reusing most of the buildings inside the 'Mattatoio' compound in Rome: an urban complex formerly used as slaughter houses. This Case Study is the first example of reusing in this compound. The proposed reuse took place within the fabric of the existing building and did not require extensive alteration, rebuilding or extension interventions. The emphasis was on preserving the character of the industrial building as much as possible. The project aims to reuse the building, minimizing the intervention costs and achieving an energy efficient healty building.

Retrofit features:
  • Double glazings.
  • Roof insulation with wood fibers panels (Celenit), 4 cm in thickness.
  • Installation of new low consumption lighting system, exploitation of existing skylights for daylight.
  • Installation of external solar shading devices above the skylights.
  • New heat pump heating/cooling system with radiant floor distribution.

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    Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics