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University of Ulm
Address Universitšt Ulm
Oberer Eselsberg
Staudingerstr. 4
89081 Ulm, Germany
part B
part C
Year of construction
Year of renovation
Total floor area
19900 m²
9100 m²
Hours of operation offices
Hours of operation labs
up to 24
up to 24

University buildings normally use very sophisticated HVAC systems. These systems have to be adapted to the actual user needs quite frequently. If this is not done on a regular basis energy consumption becomes quite heavy. The adaptation of the systems can be financed through third party contracting. The renovation of the HVAC system of two buildings of the University of Ulm offers an impressive example of an application of this type.

Retrofit features:
The project concentrated only on the technical systems. No retrofit of the building envelope was undertaken.
Thus the financing could be achieved completely on the base of performance contracting.
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