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Vridsløselille School, Albertslund
Address Vridsløselille School
Nyvej 5
2620 Albertslund, Denmark
Year of construction 1968
Year of renovation 2000
Total floor area 1740 m²
Number of pupils 200
Number of classrooms 10
Typical classroom 74 m²
20 - 25 pupils

In part of the thorough renovation of Vridsløselille Skole, the local authority wanted to use natural ventilation. Cenergia, in co-operation with the other consultants, carried out the natural ventilation system. It was based on the firm's previous experience with two projects: the renovation of Egebjerg school in Ballerup, and the erection of Stege Skole. The project was completed in 2000.

Retrofit features:
The task at Vridsløselille Skole was to replace the existing ventilation system with alternative ventilation, which, due to building changes, is necessary in order to assure a satisfactory indoor climate with regards to health. It was expected that a renovation of the ventilation scheme would result in an improved indoor climate; as well as lower running costs.
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