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Wausau West High School, Wisconsin
Address Wausau West High School
1200 West Wausau Ave
Wausau, Wisconsin 54401
United States of America
Year of construction 1968
Year of renovation 1998 - 2000
Total floor area 25548 m²
Number of pupils 1850
Number of classrooms 65
Typical classroom 65 m
25 pupils

This school building HVAC System resulted in complaints regarding Indoor Air Quality and energy inefficiency. The Local Public Health Department had received complaints and had investigated. The complaints included hot and cold rooms, poor ventilation and poor IAQ. In addition, the lighting systems needed upgrading. The project objective was to improve the IAQ, comfort, and overall energy efficiency of the building.

Retrofit features:
The heating system was converted from steam to hot water boilers. Three 9 million BTU boilers were replaced with seven 2 million BTU hot water boilers. The domestic hot water was changed from steam to direct fired natural gas. The dishwasher hot water booster was changed from electricity to gas. Ten pieces of kitchen equipment were changed from electricity to natural gas. Green house changed from propane to natural gas. Lighting was upgraded from T-12 fluorscents with magnetic ballasts to T-8 with electronic ballasts. The HVAC was upgraded using a new concept using existing technologies resulting in 100% outdoor fresh air being introduced into the classrooms.
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